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Written by Gil Miller   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 13:41

Home - a welcome page also displaying the various tab options on top:

News - catch up with the latest, recent and archived news items.

Benjamin Miller - a page dedicated to my father who first kindled my interest in the family genealogy.

Family Tree - the engine room of the website.
Conduct a search for individuals/families surnames alphabetically.
Each individual page includes navigation options of Timeline, Ancestors, Descendants and Relationships.

On the top right hand:
Tabs with various options the most notable of which are - Media/Albums and info/statiistics

On the left:
Surnames - search for anyone by surname.
Search - a more specific search first name, surname etc.
Family Gallery - display of every image in the website and its link to an individual or family.
What's New -the last 10 items entered.
Suggest a change - this tab also appears on every individual page. If there is a particular record that is innaccurate this option will direct us to the problem immediately.

Family Emails - a data base of family email addresses from around the world. To access you need to log in on the left hand side. I will forward the username/password by email.

Links and Contact Us complete the navigation tabs.




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